For Taylor Rd Meats we only farm heifers, these are a dairy beef cross. We also have a small flock of sheep we farm along with locally sourced lambs that we purchase and finish on our farm.

At this stage deliveries will be done on an order by order basis. once your order is placed we will be in contact with you regarding your delivery.

Your meat is delivered fresh in vacuum packed bags

As meat is a perishable item it is up to yourself as when you freeze it, some people like to continue to leave it in the fridge to age and others will freeze straight away. We put a best before date on all of our products and that is our indication that if you haven't eaten by this date then it would be best to freeze.

We don't have a shop, we are an online butchery. Everything can be found on our website and we deliver personally to your door.

We only supply to Franklin and the greater Auckland region. We personally deliver your order in our chiller van.


No our meat is not certified halal

We process every week so we can
deliver you fresh products weekly.

Our beef is hung for a minimum of 12 days and our lamb for 5 days to ensure it is succulently tender and as full of its own beautiful flavours as it can possibly be. Our amazing butcher Dylan, then crafts the cuts for you to enjoy. Louise then takes her care and makes sure everything is perfect for you to receive your meat

We recommend cuts like brisket, short ribs and of course you can’t go past lamb shanks cooking away all day and filling the house with those tantalizing aromas. Blade steak, gravy beef and chuck steak make the best casseroles or stews.

You can't beat a beautiful steak, either a scotch or sirloin, or our delicious lamb steaks. Either loin chops or lamb shoulder chops make a great feast over summer.

A lamb leg roast is always a winner, so too is a lamb rack or a slowly roasted beef or lamb rolled roast.

Schnitzel is a great option for this, so are our lamb cutlets as they have been trimmed. Our stir fry is a perfect lean option and is so versatile.